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Maybe not only in the United States, but in the whole world, Gmail is by far the most popular free mail service and therefore the most accessed page. People go to this main mail page by loads every day to access their inbox and to communicate with the rest of the world. In some areas, like in the united states, there are many other services that are competing in domaining the market of the mail services. The most common ones in the big America are Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and of course Gmail.

Gmail and their service of mail is not as old as other companies. First, in 2004, the creation of accounts was available only by invitation and later in 2007 it was officially launched it beta version for the whole world to use and to experience this innovating concept of mail service and finally in 2009 it was upgraded from its beta version and it has been fully available since then.

From a few users to two billions of users on 2016 around the world it is one of the biggest to compete in wall street and other stock houses around the world.

Gmail com sing in page

Gmail com sing in page sing in page process

Getting your email account is something really easy to do. The only thing you need is to know that you will be obtaining a key to all the google products available including YouTube, google maps and of course access to all the information on your Android phone wherever you are and a constant backup of all the files it has.

Here are the steps to follow to easily get a google account.

  1. Access the main page by clicking here.
  2. Click on create account at the bottom of the site
  3. Complete your first and last name.
  4. Choose your username. The username you select will be your email in this account. So, our recommendation is to think of one that is easy to remember so you or anyone who knows you won’t forget, easy to dictate to other people without misleading them to confusions, and easy to read in order to always get the mail and avoid others to make common and innocent mistakes, such as confusing I with lower caps L.
  5. Create a password. Try to use an easy to remember password but yet secure to make sure no one can access to your account. It should contain caps and lower case letters, numbers and a symbol.
  6. Repeat the password
  7. Write your day of birth
  8. Your gender
  9. And your phone. This might seem like too much but it will be helpful if you don’t remember your password or you just cannot access your account.
  10. Read and accept the terms and conditions
  11. Go to your new inbox

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Having a Gmail account can bring many benefits because you will be mainly with one of the big guys from internet and you will have access to all the products in the google suit. The most popular product perhaps is YouTube which is one of the most visited broadcast page in the world.

Besides that, with a Gmail account you can access to your android devices and backup all the information in it, just in case you lose it. This way your personal information will always be save and sounding.

One of the google products that can come very handy to store any kind of information is Google Drive which you can access as well with your Gmail account. It is a virtual storage service that Google provides to all its clients and it has 15 gigabytes ready to use.